Happiness Relates to Whether You Are “Off-Time,” “On-Time,” “Out of Time”

Johnette was happy. Her marriage was good, her son completed college and had his first job. Things were moving along according to plan. Contrast this with her best friend, Donna, whose daughter dropped out of school and eventually died of an overdose. As her friend said, your children should be burying you not the other way around. Another friend of theirs, fought breast cancer for a year.

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Bouncing Forward, Not Backward—A New Look at Resilience

The rubber band is often used as the metaphor for resilience. It indicates that once pushed beyond what you can handle, with resilience, you eventually bounce back to where you are. But is bouncing back the right metaphor? Will anything ever be the same for the miners who were trapped in the Chilean mines? Or for those devastated by recent events in Japan?

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My Take on Happiness-The need to "Matter"

Articles and books about happiness are increasing. Well, My interviews with adult learners and retirees led to the following conclusion: happiness and “mattering” go hand-in-hand.

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