What Do Maria Shriver, Beef Ranchers and Medical Faculty Have in Common?

Answer: They are all in the midst of transitions and not sure how to handle them.

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Retirement Quiz: Will You Pass or Flunk Retirement?

As Sue considers retirement, she reported, “I know I will be a retirement failure. I’ve been struggling with the ‘afterlife’ for about five years; indeed, this is the most difficult ‘transition’ I have experienced, and it seems to be the case with many professional women of our ilk. We don’t want to ‘roll bandages.’ What else is there?”

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Your 6 Basic Choices for Retirement

Retire? Never. The week after I retired, a reporter called to interview me about a project.  At the end of the interview, she asked how I wanted to be identified.  I could not get the words “I am retired” out.

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9 Secrets of Retirement Happiness

A large nest egg doesn’t guarantee a happy retirement. While a significant retirement income is likely to make you happier than just scraping by, money isn’t the only necessity. Here are some tips for cultivating retirement happiness:

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Concept of the Connector Works As a "What’s Next Strategy"

People of all ages have questions about “what’s next.” Baby boomers have many questions. Can they afford to retire? Where do they want to retire? How to get meaning in their lives? Should they make a career change? Younger individuals question whether they are on the right path. And older people begin to question what they will do in retirement.Editorial Controls
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