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Nancy K. Schlossberg

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My Website, “Transitions Through Life” will offer tips about ways people have successfully negotiated life’s ups and downs. Over the years, I have interviewed many hundreds of people about their transitions. I found enormous creativity in the ways people balance work, family, retirement as they deal with the joys and disappointments in life. My own research, building on many interviews, led to developing a model for helping people handle transitions more effectively.Author, Speaker, Motivator & Life Transition Guru

The blog will link you to the books I have written, the interviews I have had, the speeches I make on all kinds of transitions, the tips I write on a regular basis—all intended to give you ideas of ways to handle transitions.  I will ask for your tips so we can start a dialog among people facing the same transition.

To find out more about my books scroll over or click on the book pictures below.  They can be purchased on and for your convenience you can access them from the media/books page on this site.


Nancy Schlossberg's Revitalizing RetirementNancy Schlossberg's Retire Smart Retire HappyNancy Schlossberg's Overwhelmed

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