PODCAST | Dr. Nancy Schlossberg: Aging with Panache: Too Young To Be Old with Nancy Schlossberg

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@annmariekowalski618 says: This was such a great podcast! One, I was so impressed with Nancy’s responses – I can’t believe she is 94! I am so inspired to be more active and eat healthfully to enjoy a life like Nancy’s. I’m looking at new groups I can become involved with to continue building new relationships and activities in my area. Thanks for having such a variety of guests on your podcast.

@johnd1427 says: Great podcast interview with Nancy Schlossberg! I found the different retirement paths she articulated (around 50 minutes timecode) especially helpful. Casey’s weaving the different paths together as part of a meta path was also interesting. I don’t think everyone would follow the meta path Casey outlined, but it certainly is a natural progression some may take through the different paths.

@suziebrouillet758 says: Amazing Podcast, thank you, really timely for myself!

@jerrylamb1327 says:This is the Best Podcast Howard Bailey has ever had. We are all blessed to have listened, laughed, and pondered all that Nancy Schlossberg has given to us. Thank you!


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