Regrets? Boomers have a few about money and health

Nancy was recently quoted in USA Today.

“There are things they knew on some level but didn’t admit,” Schlossberg says. Now “they’re afraid they’ll outlive their money”…

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Your 6 Basic Choices for Retirement

Retire? Never. The week after I retired, a reporter called to interview me about a project.  At the end of the interview, she asked how I wanted to be identified.  I could not get the words “I am retired” out.

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Winter Forum: a check-up on living well

The poet Robert Browning wrote, “The Best Is Yet to Be.”

Maybe. Maybe the future will be wonderful — if we can figure out how to live well. Ted Fishman, author of the best-selling “Shock of Gray,” wrote: “And while we will likely engineer ever-longer lives, can we figure out how to fill the extra years with vitality and joy?”

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9 Secrets of Retirement Happiness

A large nest egg doesn’t guarantee a happy retirement. While a significant retirement income is likely to make you happier than just scraping by, money isn’t the only necessity. Here are some tips for cultivating retirement happiness:

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High-Tech Aging: Tracking Seniors’ Every Move

See Nancy’s quote at  Follow the link below.

High-Tech Aging: Tracking Seniors’ Every Move

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