A New Lease on Life: Adult Children Coaching Retired Parents

Adult children might just be the ones to help their retired parents revitalize their lives. I interviewed Stan soon after he sold his dry cleaning business.  He was depressed, bored, and spent all day watching TV. His son remembered his father’s love of baseball and literally dragged him to a senior baseball league. This was the beginning of Stan’s reengaging in life. Daniel, a computer consultant and guru, took charge when his father retired from the carpet cleaning business. Daniel convinced his father to learn computers.  They go together on every house call.  Daniel s father handles the books, makes the appointments and once again feels useful.  Roxanne, a co-owner of a boutique PR firm, introduced me to her mother who is now her Woman Friday.  She had just helped out with the refreshments and arrangements for a photo shoot.  As her mother said to me, working for my daughter has taken 10 years off my life.

New Tips for Retirees:  If you are bored, if you need revitalizing then think about your younger relatives.  Would you like to work or volunteer with them?  It might be worth an exploratory discussion.