When the Future Becomes Reality: Why Planning Ahead Doesn’t Always Work

The conventional wisdom is that planning ahead for education, marriage, family, career, retirement pays off. Even though none of us can read tealeaves, we believe that planning, though unsettling, is a necessary guide to our future. So why is it so difficult?

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Bouncing Forward, Not Backward—A New Look at Resilience

The rubber band is often used as the metaphor for resilience. It indicates that once pushed beyond what you can handle, with resilience, you eventually bounce back to where you are. But is bouncing back the right metaphor? Will anything ever be the same for the miners who were trapped in the Chilean mines? Or for those devastated by recent events in Japan?

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Regrets? Boomers have a few about money and health

Nancy was recently quoted in USA Today.

“There are things they knew on some level but didn’t admit,” Schlossberg says. Now “they’re afraid they’ll outlive their money”…

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Winter Forum: a check-up on living well

The poet Robert Browning wrote, “The Best Is Yet to Be.”

Maybe. Maybe the future will be wonderful — if we can figure out how to live well. Ted Fishman, author of the best-selling “Shock of Gray,” wrote: “And while we will likely engineer ever-longer lives, can we figure out how to fill the extra years with vitality and joy?”

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Concept of the Connector Works As a "What’s Next Strategy"

People of all ages have questions about "what's next." Baby boomers have many questions. Can they afford to retire? Where do they want to retire? How to get meaning in their lives? Should they make a career change? Younger individuals question whether they are on the right path. And older people begin to question what they will do in retirement.Editorial Controls Editorial Status:  No Status

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