When the Future Becomes Reality: Why Planning Ahead Doesn’t Always Work

The conventional wisdom is that planning ahead for education, marriage, family, career, retirement pays off. Even though none of us can read tealeaves, we believe that planning, though unsettling, is a necessary guide to our future. So why is it so difficult?

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Don’t Sweat the Small Things: Another Name for Wisdom

There are certain concepts in our culture, which you know when you see it but find it difficult to define. One of those words is wisdom. I have begun asking everyone to identify wise people, and then to define wisdom. People have no trouble identifying wise people- Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ophrah.Editorial Controls Editorial Status:  No Status

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Aging Successfully—Is It Hogwash?

Susan Jacoby warns in her new book, The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age, that "Only a fool can imagine the best years are yet to come."Editorial Controls Editorial Status:  No Status

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Concept of the Connector Works As a "What’s Next Strategy"

People of all ages have questions about "what's next." Baby boomers have many questions. Can they afford to retire? Where do they want to retire? How to get meaning in their lives? Should they make a career change? Younger individuals question whether they are on the right path. And older people begin to question what they will do in retirement.Editorial Controls Editorial Status:  No Status

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Boomers Get a Life After Retirement

"What's next" is the cry of many boomers as they think about their futures. One woman said that she was terrified of retirement. "What will I do?" Another man could not wait to retire. He was an investigative reporter but had always dreamed of turning his hobby, art, into something serious.Editorial Controls Editorial Status:  No Status

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